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Full Version: 11-12 SP GU review
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My 13 box run has come to an end. Just thought I would post the best of the hits in one thread. Some SPGU years are better than others but I did quite well with this one....that's probably an understatement. I don't know whether to be happy I did so well or sorry to do so much better than everybody else... Anyway, I have to give it a thumbs up. Good luck with your no particular order

Not pictured are several good parallels and jerseys including a Gretzky gold /100, landeskog /99 rc, mika /99 rc and a few other nice duals.
[Image: 2012-04-17_09-55-47_806.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-17_12-58-15_288.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-17_12-58-23_418.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-16_10-14-52_512.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-16_10-32-17_492.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-15_18-35-56_308.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-15_18-39-50_214.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-15_18-36-11_524.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-13_16-54-11_848.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-13_09-07-39_313.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-13_09-07-45_53.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-13_13-53-09_284.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-13_09-06-37_49.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-12_15-27-04_109.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-12_10-44-17_33.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-17_09-56-59_402.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-12_10-43-36_987.jpg]

[Image: 2012-04-12_10-43-47_261.jpg]
interseted in the crosby still....lmk

That looks like a good day at the office.
you did very well congrats
interested in all the crosbys and the hopkins
Interested in the Calgary Fives. LMK if ive got anything you might like, or drop me a PM as i have some big incomings....
Great cards love the wings cards but don't have the bait for that class of stuff at the moment.
thats some killer stuff. love all the patches. and what are you looking for on the connoly