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Full Version: Rcan anyone help me? question about cases
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so with these new "booklet cards" i decided to get one in. a kadri rookie gear booklet (from FastMax on the other boards) thanks max! and i would really like to display it open. can anyone help me find a case for these? i can't find one on the ultra pro website. help!?
I have the same problem, I have a Fowler/Palmieri Rookie Bookmark from the Cup and don't have any way to show it off Sad
Frame it dude, the only real way to case em and display em Wink
Several people sell them on the bay. Just type in the search field "booklet holder" . I found several.
thanks pens fan! i just got one and they look so nice!
$15-20 each, and assorted colors, not too bad.
a few are on the bay

also ask you suppliers if they can special order for you too if it is cheaper