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Well, after turning off all "social media" in 2004, I broke down and joined Twitter. I joined because my favorite college team quit using g-mail for correspondence during games. It has been great so far, for the most part. Got to thank UK baseball players for signing a team ball for my son... and my favorite cat for signing some cards for my wife, son and I.

I decided to follow all of my favorite non family or friends.
I've added a lot of favorite athletes, musicians, writers etc...
Coolest thing so far is Chuck Knoblauch followed me, before I followed him...
but I think he does that for all that follow the Yankees.

Bad thing is I believe I put myself on one of my childhood heroes "s**t list. Sad Of course it was because I didn't agree about something.
It had to do with the Treyvon/Zimmerman tragedy. I like to wait for jurors and judges do their jobs on stuff like this. Not "the news".

The childhood idol said, and I paraphrase, "Can someone tell me in 140 characters or less how this wasn't premeditated murder?"

Me: "Usually people don't call the police if they are planning on killing someone."
Childhood Idol: Yeah, you're right. Murderers are usually thinking straight."

A childhood idol is being sarcastic? Sad

Me: "I don't want to fight with a childhood idol of mine, but you believe he conspired to kill a 17 year old kid?"

I said some other stuff about how I'm not a judge or juror... I also said that right now the only thing that matters to me are the kid's parents. If I lost my son, wrongfully or not, I'd lose my mind.
I wish people woud quit using these types of things as political footballs. It's disgusting.

My wife warned me that following people I liked/admired would ruin my perception of them. She was right and I knew it inside all along.

Anyway, if any of you want to mutually follow for heads up on trades etc... twitter i.d. is in profile.
I love tweeting on Twitter, it won't be wrong if I say that I am a Twitterhollic as I do tons of tweets daily.