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For your viewing enjoyment, my Tom Barrasso collection (finally)
My favorite Penguins goalie of all time, grew up watching him play,
not to mention winning back to back cups with Lemieux!

Thanks for the look Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Awesome stuff, Carl! I have been waiting to see this one! Love that Dominion Patch!

Thanks Randi, glad you're feeling well again brother!
Dude, some sweet stuff in there! LOVE the Black Diamond Glove/Blocker cards.
Thanks man, been trying to get as many $1+ Barrasso cards as I can from the 90's lately.
Went from around 30 cards to 79 in a month Big Grin
Los - some great stuff in there! Love the Katch and Stamp of Approval!
Snagged the Katch Gold on eBay, my first one, haha Big Grin
love the kraft top
Great collection Carl!!! Now if we could get him out of retirement to play. I'm pretty sure he could do a better job than Fleury in the playoffs.
As usual great looking cards.
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