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Full Version: ULTIMATE 2006-07 "LEGENDS" SUBSET /99
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Looking for these cards to complete a set...

145 - Nate Archibald /99
153 - Bill Walton /99
156 - Connie Hawkins /99

Interested in knowing why these cards were not produced? I sent emails last year to UD asking about them, but they never responded. The redemptions I sent it were filled with "replacements." Beckett's database does not mention that below cards were never produced/signed... I wish Beckett would talk to UD & update checklists of cards that were never produced... why have a BV for a card that doesn't exist? Doesn't make sense...

187 - D. Markota (exchange) auto/350
203 - P. O'Braynt (exchange) auto/350
204 - Paul Davis (exchange) auto/350
227 - V. Spanoulis (exchange) auto/350

I don't like the feeling that my first set that I chased after jumping back into the cardboard collecting hobby is not complete.. I fell in love with the Legends subset & Ultimate Signatures 2006-07... my first autograph set.

The entire set (missing 3 cards listed above) & not including RC/autos is available FT/FS. I also have a bunch of Ultimate Signatures FT/FS, including Kobe.

Thanks for looking...
jump... still looking for these cards..

also, need another Michael Jordan...