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Full Version: Ready for racing
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Thought I would share some pics with you guys of my race car for this year. Spent my Easter putting finishing touches on it. Can't wait for my season to get started, still got a month to wait.

[Image: front.jpg]
[Image: left.jpg]
[Image: right.jpg]
Here is a pic to show the reflective decals, only light was coming through the windows of the shop
[Image: reflective.jpg]

Also here is a link to some photos of my past enduro & demo cars
Sweet ride Pretz. Jacksonville use to have a few tracks to go watch races. Now we have little to none. Sad
Hell yeah!!!!!!! I cant wait till demo season starts here. I just dont know how much ill get to run though, just dont have the money for it.
Sweet car man!!
Awesome man! In my next life I will pay attention in school and get a good job so I can do fun stuff like that. Seriously good luck man and have FUN!
hell yea man looks good Hope the season goes well