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Full Version: If your GF or wife was obsessed with a player
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mainly because of his looks, would you buy her cards of said player? My GF is in love with Tim Tebow lol. I am thinking about picking up some cards for her. Maybe that will win me some points Smile
I started a PC of a player my gf went to School with
i say yes! go for it
me too, LOL Big Grin Now would you tell my husband that!!
I think so, it will ease things up when you buy cards because she is interested in them also.
yeah i am going to start out small by giving her some press pass tim tebows or something. she thinks im dorky for collecting cards but she will flip if i start buying her tebow stuff..hopefully
My wife hates sports. She only puts up with football because thats the only sport I watch and I only watch Saints games.
Can't hurt!
I'm lucky my wife loves watching football with me, but cards are hard to make her like because I spend soooo much time trading online and spending money on them.
More then likely you will be just wasting your money. She probably will think its cool for like 20 mins then the cards will be forgot about. If you want to score points take her shopping
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