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Full Version: I'm probably boring you with this, but...
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I'm posting it anyway. Yes, more in-person autographs after my local team's homegame, but I think you might enjoy it anyways.

Valencia Basket played FIATC Joventut (which may be familiar to you as DKV Joventut, the team Ricky Rubio played for and the green-black outfit of which he appears in on many of his rookie cards).

First of all I was on the lookout for my fellow Dutchman Henk Norel (same rookie year as Rubio, he was included in the 2009-10 Upper Deck set, probably lowest value). Drafted by Minnesota but stalled until further notice. I met him after the game and he signed this oversized card that I made (left: front, right: back)

[Image: escanear0234b.jpg]

He turned out to be a really cool guy and we had a good chat about his draft and career opportunities, his recent injury and so on.

On his team also plays former Sacramento Kings Pooh Jeter. I had never heard of him but thought I'd pick up his auto as well. He signed the game program next to his profile:

[Image: escanear0236.jpg]

Then lastly, as mentioned in a previous post, I have been working on designing booklet cards for my favorite players in our local team. I understand that the players might not be so interesting for you guys but I do hope you like the design of the cards. I scanned them, but then the concept of the booklet doesn't come out very well so I taped it instead. Hope you like them as much as I do.