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Full Version: i need help i cant decide
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guys i need some good input.
coming up soon theres go to be a card show in syracuse ny and this is the time of the year i will buy real boxes instead of little stuff from like target =)

of course i will be buying singles for the ol private collection but i want to get a nice box not crazy money but i was thinking either

2011 panini certified
2011 panini absolute
2011 panini crown royale
maybe a 2012 leaf metaldraft even though i perfer opening more then one pack

any insite would help greatly i have 10 days to decide n iv been watching box breaks on youtube for the past 2 weeks jsut obsessing haha
I always love absolute....and certified.

Leafs value will drop with more releases this year.
Absolute and Certified are always two of my favorites, then again I love patches!
yeah i was really leaning towards certified but patches would be nice as well its jsut such a hard decision i jsut need more money to buy them all lol