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Full Version: Anyone need a New Poster...?? Blake Griffin Style!!!
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Here is the link.

It needs no explanation! Big Grin
watching the game now, rooting for the clippers. that was like wade getting dunked on last week by perkins and kicked in the face after. that was the best nba moment so far this year.
Just gross. The putback was impressive. I am impressed by his hangtime and how high above the rim he gets. Feel bad for Gasol because he got posterized twice in one night....
the second dunk could be considered assault in some states...nasty

actually, both dunks were fouls (over the back on the first; clear out, mug-smacking-egostrip on the second)
That 2nd one was just nasty.
i think the second one was a fair play, gasol was jumping into him and not straight up, i think its a good no call.