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Full Version: 50 Card BGS Mailday W/Scans
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So back in January I went for the 50 card bulk offer BGS had, today I got my cards back, and yes I did look at the results before I got them in the email they sent me.

I was a little dissapointed in a couple of the 1986-87 Fleer commons, guess I'll have to hit up the bay for the Aguirre and Sikma. Oh and I crossed-over a 1987-88 Fleer MJ from a PSA 8 to a BGS 9, that one shocked me, anyways here is the scans:
[Image: Image.jpg]
[Image: Image3.jpg]
[Image: Image4.jpg]
[Image: Image5.jpg]
[Image: Image6.jpg]
[Image: Image7.jpg]
[Image: Image8.jpg]
[Image: Image9.jpg]
[Image: Image10.jpg]
[Image: Image11.jpg]
And here is the rest:
[Image: Image12.jpg]
[Image: Image13.jpg]
[Image: Image15.jpg]
Nice stuff!!!
man those are beautiful
Very nice graded cards!
Very nice, are you trying to get the whole set in BGS?
Yeah, only a handful left and Im done!
Cant believe the MJ received an 8.5 for centering. It doesn't really look that off to me. I was talking to a guy at a recent card show and he was wanting to collect the 86-87 Fleer set as a personal memento in PSA 9's or higher.

I asked why PSA and not BGS? He said because the slabs were thinner and the whole registry thing. He attends a lot of shows and doesn't like to carry the extra weight that Beckett has in their cases...personal preference I guess. Thought I'd share. Great cards! Awesome pick ups!!

How much; if you don't mind?
How much for what?
nice collection. thanks for sharing...

I think they look much more better as slabbed than regular toploaders or onetouch magnetic holders..