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Full Version: 1 more box of 2012 Press Pass..bleh
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Pretty bad one here fellars...still love press pass though

[Image: download12.jpg]

in case you missed it, i got a box and 10 packs a week or so ago and got these:
[Image: download13.jpg]

thanks for looking!
Hightower has a really nice auto. Hopefully in all of the NFL products he doesnt shorten it or get really sloppy.
yeah i like the hightower, ballard, and weeden...but i still cant get over all silvers and only 1
Bought about 2/3s a box from a dealer the other day and this is what i pulled

Andrew Luck Blue Autographs 25/50
Stephon Gilmore Blue Autographs /50
Ryan Broyles Bronze Autographs /99
Dontario Poe Gold Autographs /199
Lavonte Davis Silver Autographs RED INK SP

Not bad Smile
looks like you took all of my parallel autos and my luck, haha
Well its the first real big hit ive ever gotten in like 15 years
you deserve it man. id love to see a scan of that luck Big Grin im gonna keep buying more when i get paid, i really want a luck auto that i pull myself
Well you did get a Weedon SP auto and those are 199 or less so thats a plus right??
ah snap is weeden an sp? thanks for the heads up