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Full Version: Missing autograph?
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I recently bought a retail pack of 10-11 Prestige and got a Greg Monroe rookie card. I was happy with it, until I noticed in small print on the backside of the card it said the whole "The affixed autograph is endorsed by Panini of America" quote. There was no auto on the front, nor was the sticker with it on it anywhere to be seen in the pack or on any of the other cards. It doesnt even look like it had ever been on there. Is this a known error? It'd be cool to get the auto, but I've heard bad things about Panini's customer service, and I'm still waiting on a Tiago Splitter card that I received an exchange card for and redeemed online. Sorry for the rant.
I remember when John Wall auto's were selling from this product that there were a lot of his cards that were missing the auto. So you could say it is a known issue. I would google this or check the panini site for more info though.
you can submit a Q/A report on Panini America's website... tell them you're upset with the card, because it doesn't have an auto... maybe they'll send you one with the auto or something else.

sucks, that there are so many Panini cards being released without autos... even though the back of card states there is supposed to be one... probably a sticker auto anyways... how can so many errors be made...
All rookie cards from prestige had that on the back of them. Different people say different things - it's a known error, it's panini saving printing costs. Either way, all rookies have the "The affixed autograph is certified by panini" tag on the back. Otherwise, it'd be rediculous to pull 24 (or more) RC auto's out of a hobby box.