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Full Version: 06-07 Fleer EX Julius Erving Jambalaya FT for FB
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Looking to trade or sell this. Shoot me a message or post if interested

Looking to trade for football preferably or could use cards with at least 3 autos of decent to better names

[Image: erving.png]
You have a pic and what are you looking for it?
I'm interested, but want to see scan first.... what are you looking for? or value you put on it... so maybe I can make you a trade offer.
Scan is posted
Anyone else interested
Any football out for this???
pm sent!
I'm interested. don't got football, except a few 90's RC's.. mostly Faulk, which are worth pennies compared to the card you're trading.. If you let me know who you'd be interested in for BKB, I can come up with an offer & scans..
Sent a pm to you