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Full Version: 4 Crown Royale, 3 Totally Certified, 2 Prime Sigs... LOTS of pics #1
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Few nice pickups from the local card shop...
here are the hits... commons are in org if your looking for em...
Feel Free to make offers, they are all listed in my org

Prime Sigs
DeSean Jackson Prime Proof Red 83/99
Warren Moon Prime Proof Red 40/99

Doug Baldwin 13/49
[Image: DSC_0019.jpg]
K.J. Wright 057/199
[Image: DSC_0020.jpg]

Totally Certified
Rashard Mendenhall Blue 49/50
2 Redemptions,
#191 Jacquian Williams Blue - #230 Shane Vereen Blue

Allen Bradford 142/299
[Image: DSC_0034.jpg]
Ryan Kerrigan 076/299
[Image: DSC_0035.jpg]
Ryan Williams 347/499
[Image: DSC_0033-1.jpg]
Delone Carter 216/499
[Image: DSC_0032-1.jpg]
Alex Green 444/499
[Image: DSC_0031.jpg]
C.J. Spiller 137/199
[Image: DSC_0024.jpg]
Dexter McCluster 103/190
[Image: DSC_0022.jpg]
Johnny Knox 059/199
[Image: DSC_0023.jpg]

Brian Urlacher 026/199
[Image: DSC_0025.jpg]
Jay Cutler 017/249
[Image: DSC_0026.jpg]
Drew Brees 160/249
[Image: DSC_0027.jpg]
BenJarvus Green-Ellis 03/49
[Image: DSC_0028.jpg]
Delone Carter 259/300
[Image: DSC_0029.jpg]
Torrey Smith 25/25
[Image: DSC_0030.jpg]
Jerry Rice 065/249
[Image: DSC_0005-1.jpg]
Manning/Roethlisberger/Rodgers/Brees 72/90
[Image: DSC_0021.jpg]
Crown Royale
Donovan McNabb Gold 01/25
Pierre Garcon Gold 06/25
Chris Johnson 080/100

Jay Feely
[Image: DSC_0014.jpg]
Vincent Jackson 089/100
[Image: DSC_0013.jpg]
Chris Johnson 34/50
[Image: DSC_0016.jpg]
Greg Little 136/299
[Image: DSC_0010-2.jpg]
Von Miller 016/299
[Image: DSC_0009-2.jpg]
Taiwan Jones 25/50
[Image: DSC_0008-2.jpg]
Vincent Brown 47/50
[Image: DSC_0007-1.jpg]
Patrick Willis 293/299
[Image: DSC_0004.jpg]
Vernon Davis 47/50
[Image: DSC_0003-1.jpg]
Jason Witten 293/299
[Image: DSC_0006.jpg]

Prince Amukamara 089/499
[Image: DSC_0039.jpg]
Da'Quan Bowers 246/499
[Image: DSC_0040.jpg]
Niles Paul 33/50
[Image: DSC_0041.jpg]
Mikel Leshoure 149/299
[Image: DSC_0017.jpg]
Jerrel Jernigan 02/50
[Image: DSC_0012.jpg]
Cam Newton 05/50
[Image: DSC_0011.jpg]
Alex Karras 19/25
[Image: DSC_0015.jpg]

all 3 PC cards were single color non autos!... damnit I just realized that! LOL... 2:30 in the am... I should go to bed
Nice Cam!
GREAT break!!! You did REALLY well Big Grin
Nice breaks... love that Torrey, insane patch
Sweet break.....especially the can and Taiwan Jones...Smile
Is that cam
For trade?
can you check me for the Willis and Davis?
Love the niners and the cam. Nice break man.
What else do u collect? I really like the smith and.feely
Please check me for Von Miller and Jay Feely! Thanks!
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