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Full Version: Did I get shilled???
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I bought this for the full bid I made on it.

I can say that the guy with the most won auctions from his sales has a feedback of 32 positives and so does the only other bidder that bid one dollar at a time until I maxed out.

I paid because I made the bid. But, if he can get away with that while following ebay policies, then I should be able to point him out at the least. happens so much anymore,I hardly win anything i intend to bid on
i honestly dont think this is anywhere near proof of shilling

but point blank: if you fear getting shilled, dont bid until there is 5 seconds left

This is what you need to look at, 86% bid history with that seller. That is usually "proof" of a shill bidder. Bidding that way on just one item doesn't necessarily make it a shill, the guy could just be flippin' retarded. But that 30 day bid history is a solid bit of evidence for a shiller.
looks like he had auto click on... clicking so many times.. that sucks.. especially when nobody else placed a bid...


here is the bidders ID: Buyer: kgar129 (Feedback Score 32) same as: Member Id: 9***9 (32)
Sellers: motox88c (Feedback Score Of 151)

I believe the two people (buyer & seller) know each other & are friends that live very close together.. both are from Lebanon, PA, United States. Go to each person's listings, look at the "ship from location"

** it's up to you if you want to report them **
maybe possible, it is the same person, with two ebay id's.

edit: I asked both bidders if they knew each other, here are their responses.. strange... especially, 2nd reply. Don't you have to be 18 to use eybay?
* motox88c:
No, that's one of the kids from my neighborhood that wants cards of mine but doesnt want to give me what I want for them. He wants them dirt cheap so I told him the only way he can get them for what he wants them for, is by winning my auctions. He'll never bid high enough for it to matter anyway. He's a little slow, to put it nicely. The only things he's actually won was teams in my box breaks.
* kgar129:
To be honest, that's not even me doing that. I have the EBay app on my phone and he gets on to do it himself. I dont like that he does it personally but I don't know when gets into my phone. I'm sorry about the situation and yes I do feel the same away about people shying away from that.
your shiller & seller know each other....

reply received from kgar129:
"No problem. I know Its a pain and i set a lock on my phone now haha. I jus recently got the iphone so i can lock him out. But thank you for the info, i do appreciate it"
I will report this one after seeing the responses.
(04-02-2012, 08:02 PM)jacobystealshome Wrote: [ -> ]i honestly dont think this is anywhere near proof of shilling

but point blank: if you fear getting shilled, dont bid until there is 5 seconds left
+1! I wish people could understand this. They would save a ton. Wait. Thats all. Have patience and it will pay off. Its not like ebay doesnt supply a watch list with reminders. Use it. Thats why its there.