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Full Version: 4 Horseman WWE HOF induction
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I agree with the Horseman induction but I have only one problem with it. Ollie Anderson should have been inducted with them not Barry Wyndum.
Most likely the choice was due to who is on good terms with the WWE. Ole was pretty highly ranked within the Georgia territory when it was torpedoed by Vince's expansion and he has been bitter about it ever since. Barry Windham and his family have carried a solid relationship with the WWE for decades. The HOF has shown that it rewards the ones that have maintained a favorable relationship with the McMahon family and chooses not to recognize those who have been most vocal against them.
There is a lot of people that "should" be inducted, most arent because of heat with vince. Including:

Bruno Samartino(the guy basically carried the WWWF/WWF when it broke away from the NWA)


Macho Man Randy Savage (enough said)
Ultimate Warrior
Jake the Snake Roberts
Miss Elizabeth
The Honky Tonk Man
MR T. (hell if drew Carey and Pete Rose get in, why not Mr T. ?)

This is just a partial list. I could go on.