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Full Version: K-Mart Kobe Auto
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Bought a $10 box of 2011-12 Hoops basketball cards from K-Mart and got #268 Kobe Bryant Autograph...what incredible luck.

[Image: KobeAutoHoops2011-2012.jpg]
you lucky sonovagun. I wanted to buy some of these but didn't. I think i will now. lol
Very Nice and Congrats!!!
...i hate you? lol
Good Job!
Im good with my Kobe collection so no envy here. Smile

Unless you have that UD Employee jersey auto card....then ....grrrrr.
dang I've opened two of these and gotten all junk Sad
Nice hit!
Really nice hit from an inexpensive box. Def jealous lol
Ha ha I have stayed away from hoops because I bought one blaster and the cards didn't appeal to me. Great pull though! Def got your money worth...I bet this encourages people to go buy blasters. Ha ha
Man that is awesome I am going to K-Mart tomorrow....

man, you're lucky. haven't seen that good of pull out of retail in a long time... congrats... especially, since you got 1% of a 2nd kobe auto on the right side of that sticker... that's why I hate sticker autos.. they always have overrun or partial signatures... but still a nice card out of Hoops... I would buy another hobby box or two, but with the high checklist & only 2 autos per box.. I said forget it.. was not as impressed as I was hoping the product would be... the buyback autos are the only thing I like out of it...
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