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I am sorta new to collecting only been doing it for a few years. i have a muhsin muhammad 2007 topps tx exclusive gold ticket auto, in the price guide it says there is a 1/1 this card isn't marked 1 of 1 but the number matches it's number is SB-MM and the other cards from that superbowl ticket auto's i have are not gold is it possible this is the 1/1 even though it isn't marked 1/1?
get a photobucket account and post the img code from there... thumbnail isnt showing up
(04-02-2012, 03:02 PM)donbickle707 Wrote: [ -> ]get a photobucket account and post the img code from there... thumbnail isnt showing up
lol my knowledge of computers is worse then cards, oh well was just curious is all. Thx for the response though i appreciate it.
[Image: MushinMuhammedautoSBticket.jpg]

hopefully that works if not its cool. Again thx for any help. Card number is SB-MM i can post a pic if this works of the back if necessary.
Good question (dont know how much help ill be) lol What does the back look like?
(04-02-2012, 04:33 PM)bostonsports1 Wrote: [ -> ]Think you have this one...
Boston i am pretty sure i agree the problem is this the number doesn't match i will take a pic of the back and post it.

This is the back and the ONLY reason i question if it is the 1/1 and its because of the card number. But again i see no 1/1 anywhere so thats why i was asking just to make sure. The standard auto cards say the numbers are mm1 and mm2 but it says the gold card is just mm.

[Image: 002.jpg]
Here's yours again in an ebay auction, sold for 15,
I dont really know but Boston in the ebay listing you found the ticket is blue and thats the case for others on COMC. His looks gold so theres a difference between the two
yes mine is a gold ticket not blue. to bad someone here doesn't have a different 1/1 to verify lol. Hopefully the pictures i posted are showing as i said; i am a newb when it comes to computers.
Id say the difference in the colors is because the tickets from each section are different.
Im pretty sure if it was the 1/1 it would be stamped. I dont think Ive ever seen a 1/1 that wasnt stamped.
The link Bostin gave you is the one you have more than likely.
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