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Full Version: Marvin Williams Auto NEED HELP inc scan
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Hey, need a bit of help
Just got a few packs of spx 06/07 and pulled a 2006-07 SPx Marvin Williams SPxcitement Autographs Spectrum num 10/10

Anybody know what this is worth

Much appreciated

[Image: 522601_10150661180293040_535843039_94214...9148_n.jpg]
It's has a low print run, so hard to say... I would say check out ebay completed auctions for similar cards to compare price too. Marvin Williams auto does not sale for very high. My opinion would be $10-15.... maybe $20 if you can get the right buyer... It is a cool card though..
Back when that product came out it was prob worth a lot more than you could get for it now. He's a Tar Heel even if it was only for a season. Great guy too.Left as a freshman and has come back every summer since and now has enough hours to be considered a senior. Ive always thought hes on the wrong team because on that team hes considered the 5th option on the floor.

I'd go along with jpleazme I'd say tops around 20 but there are some Marvin collectors out there.
Thanks for your help guys. Im gonna keep the card regardless, a low numbered auto is pretty cool, and like you said jdetter23, u cant go wrong with the Tar Heels