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Full Version: 4 box of Contenders. ReDirkulous and Lincredible.
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Busted 4 Boxes, here are all the goods.

Box 1:
[Image: CIMG4719.jpg]
[Image: CIMG4720.jpg]
[Image: CIMG4726.jpg]
[Image: CIMG4729.jpg]

[Image: CIMG4723.jpg]
[Image: CIMG4725.jpg]

Box 2:

[Image: CIMG4732.jpg]
[Image: CIMG4721.jpg]
[Image: CIMG4546.jpg]
[Image: CIMG4549.jpg]
Box 3:
[Image: CIMG4552.jpg]
[Image: CIMG4553.jpg]
[Image: CIMG4710.jpg]
[Image: CIMG4713.jpg]

Box 4:
[Image: CIMG4535.jpg]
[Image: CIMG4538.jpg]

[Image: CIMG4539.jpg]
[Image: CIMG4532.jpg]
[Image: CIMG4533.jpg]

Redemption is a Dirk auto out of 10
[Image: CIMG4531.jpg]
Box 4 is quite lincredible and redirkulous!
Not bad, interested in the double Paul George if you want to trade.
Hopefully Jeremy Lin is OK after his Surgery and will continue to become a super star. Very nice break.
Very nice break.. Congrats on Lin and Dirk!!!!!!
not bad