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Full Version: Chantilly Pickups/DeMarco Murray Signing! Tons of Game Used and Signed Items!
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Well just got done scanning/taking pictures of all of my pickups today (also 2 DeMarco Signed Items from the GTSM show in Feb.: Jersey and Game ticket)

start off with the 6 cards I got:

[Image: DeMarcoMurraySupercollection451.jpg]
[Image: DeMarcoMurraySupercollection452.jpg]
[Image: DeMarcoMurraySupercollection453.jpg]
[Image: DeMarcoMurraySupercollection454.jpg]
[Image: DeMarcoMurraySupercollection455.jpg]
[Image: DeMarcoMurraySupercollection456.jpg]

Memorabilia Will be Posted shortly
here are the NON DeMarco additions

[Image: DSC01374.jpg]
Novacek Mini inscribed 3x SB champ
[Image: DSC01378.jpg]
Sean Lee signed jersey
[Image: DSC01382.jpg]
Witten 20x24
[Image: DSC01377.jpg]
Ware Game Used Cleat
[Image: DSC01373.jpg]
Rams Game Ticket (GTSM)
[Image: DSC01379.jpg]
Authentic Jersey Inscribed 253 yds 10-23-11 (GTSM)
[Image: DSC01371.jpg]
Beckett printing plate
[Image: DSC01372.jpg]
Game Day Program from the game I was at this year.
[Image: DSC01375.jpg]
not used or anything, but bought this at Chantilly for $75!
[Image: DSC01376.jpg]
Boomer Sooner inscription

and the football!

[Image: DSC01381.jpg]
[Image: DSC01380.jpg]

was late to the signing because I was at Chantilly, and got there a few minutes before he left. Was just he and I there so we had a few minute conversation and he was amazed at the ball. Wanted to know where I got it haha
Looks like you had a good day, nice pickups w/ the cards. You got some nice signed items too! Like the Novack auto there. Beefing up the man cave are ya? Now what I really wanna know, you try on that cleat or what?
no. Cant fit in Ware's. Only 12.5 and I wear 14's
Amazing new additions to your collection, love all the inscriptions!
WOW, you spent some cash today! Nice stuff man, very nice! Congrats! Smile
Awesome stuff! Always fun to meet players. I know the felling about having too big of feet too. I wear size 14 as well lol
thanks fellas
Very nice stuff ...
Congrats on ALL the sweet pickups!!
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