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Full Version: Just got back from the Signing trip - Murray / Rice / Brown
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Just got back from the Signing Had a Great Time

Was a pleasure to meet HOF Jerry Rice in Person as Well as getting to meet HOF Tim Brown very nice guys .. But for the reason i went was to get some in persons of DeMarco Murray ..

so heres the Spoils of my trip
didnt get any autos of Jerry tho but getting to meet him was good enough for me
Everything was JSA Certified

Me and Jerry ( got a nice shot to of the SB Ring Smile )
[Image: JerryRiceAutoSigning103.jpg]

Me and Tim Brown ( Wife got his Auto shes Oak fan )
[Image: MeandTimBrownAutoSigning008.jpg]

[Image: MurrayAutoSigning007.jpg]

[Image: MurrayAutoSigning015.jpg]

and now for the Murray Stuff

Murray signing helmet #1
[Image: MurrayAutoSigning004.jpg]

Murray signing Helmet #2
[Image: MurrayAutoSigning005.jpg]

Murray signing my Jersey
[Image: MurrayAutoSigning006.jpg]

[Image: MurrayAutoSigning011.jpg]

[Image: MurrayAutoSigning010.jpg]

[Image: MurrayAutoSigning013.jpg]

[Image: MurrayAutoSigning014.jpg]
My buddy went with me and he's the 49er fan so he got Rice's Auto on a Jersey

[Image: MurrayAutoSigning001.jpg]
Very nice indeedSmile
the silver pen he was using made a little bit of a Blob on the J when he started signing it so Jerry didnt like that, so cause of the little blob Jerry decided to give my buddy a FREE INSCRIPTION on the Jersey as well it says " HOF 2010 "

Thats what you call a class act there.
(03-31-2012, 04:15 PM)bigdehart64 Wrote: [ -> ]Thats what you call a class act there.
I agree if i had the extra cash i would have loved to have grabbed a Rice auto to but next time Smile .. Jerry was the kind of person you could kick back with and have a beer and talk all day about football and he wouldnt have cared ... he is truly what the sport used to be about , He is all about his fans not the almighty $
We have Lee, Witten, Ware, Novacek, and Deion Sanders for the show up here but I didn't have anything autographed. If I had one of there Jerseys I would have autographed but in the Washington area they are hard to come by and being I am a procrastinator I didn't get one online.
That Is so cool! I love that Demarco jersey, looks sweet!
Shows around here don't get nice signers. Congrats those are smooth
Sweet! Looks like you had a good time!
(03-31-2012, 04:50 PM)gangstippie Wrote: [ -> ]Sweet! Looks like you had a good time!
Ya it was a blast , it kinda sucked a little cause DeMarco and Tim's Plane was late landing (Baltimore Inter. Airport) so it pushed everything off track by at least 30 mins , and then DeMarco was having to leave right at the end of the signing from what we were told, because he had to catch a flight back out .. so all his autos were kinda pushed thru faster .. since they were so strapped for time he wasnt doing any personal photos ( wanted to get 1 of me and him together ) but they wernt allowing it this time ... but im happy with what i did get done , next time ill be able to get that personal photo from him ..
(03-31-2012, 04:43 PM)kylebucksfan Wrote: [ -> ]That Is so cool! I love that Demarco jersey, looks sweet!
Thanks !!
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