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Full Version: Went for hockey, but LUCKED out! yes, corny title but worth it!
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Today I went to one of our locals to check out the ITG Captain series but a board member beat me there and bought it all.

Not wanting to leave empty, tried a little UD series two and some more 2012 PRESS PASS.

Guess I should be glad they were out of Captain.

Hit four autos, Ryan Boyles was the best and then this was in the last Press Pass pack opened:

Corny title, sure!

# 50/50

Question to the board, has Press Pass released their short print list?
I checked eBay current and finished sales and while I saw other Power Pick autos of Luck, NONE had the notation;


Wondered if this was a short print???

The auto, on card!

[Image: 3-29-12009.jpg]

Thanks for looking
Short print list probably won't be released until May or so, if like other years, but being an inscription its almost guaranteed to be a short print. More than likely out of 5 or something ridiculously low. Congrats on the pull!

If you are looking to make a quick $400 or so, I'd throw it on the bay. With a Buy it now of $600. Being an inscription and an ebay 1 of 1..lmfao it'll sell rather quick to those eager buyers that want something unique.

There are only 2 others on ebay with that "go card" inscription.
Great hit Ron!!! The list doesn't come out for awhile, so you can take your chances now or wait to see what you've got. My guess is 15 or less.

Dump itSmile
Sweet card - Congrats
Nice Hit!!!
very nice hit i was hoping to get a luck in a press pass i bought no but i had "no luck" haha that was corny but nice hit i would dump it =)
Awesome hit! I'd wait a few weeks before putting it up on the bay if you decide to sell....Have like a 5 day auction with it ending a day after the NFL draft.