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Full Version: Championship Ring ATG Jaromir Jagr + Rookies to trade
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Lots of other stuff in my organize as well, Rookies, YG's etc. Looking for Vintage Cards 50's to early 80's

[Image: Traders1_0001.jpg]
[Image: Traders1_0002.jpg]
I need the Jagr. What is the BV?
I also need the Jagr. Lmk
Thanks both for your interest in the Jagr Card. Will have a look through both of your traders
If a trade hapens to fall through with both of the above i would be interested as well, also in a few others you have. Check my org and LMK Smile Cheers!

I also have a BD Jagr Championship Rings card for if any of the deals fall through
Jagr is gone, the others are still avail. The lemieux looks like it's going soon. Lots more stuff in my traders. Thanks for looking and for your interest
The Scrivens YG is gone too.