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Full Version: 2011 Absolute box, few packs 2012 HIT lo, and some bazinga too.
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Nice box of Absolute, second one I've bought this year, and no redemptions from either one!
[Image: F17DFD80-orig.jpg]
Mallett /99
Powell /25
Reed /25
Ingram 32/49, RPS jersey number, one of one!
Megget /250
Moore no #
Also busted 3 boxes of Big Bang Theory, check out completed listings for Sheldon and the comic store guy.
[Image: 2754C6DC-orig.jpg]
Looks like you did good on both of those Congrats!
Thank you, very happy with these breaks. Wish I had a scanner right now lol.
Nice Absolute...but that BBT auto is going to help you clean up!!!
Got scans of the big bang cards? I love that show!!
(03-30-2012, 10:30 PM)p18mann Wrote: [ -> ]Got scans of the big bang cards? I love that show!!
shoot, I just realized I left them off. I'll add them to the first post right now
Holy Crap, those completed listings go for more than some of my whole pc collections
Good lord I didn't even know they made that. Hands down my favorite show. Nice auto of the Emmy winner! How much were the boxes?
I love love love Absolute. Nice cardsWink
Bazinga !!! Smile
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