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Full Version: WTTF:Zetterberg/Kovalchuk/Rick Nash/Kopitar/Luongo RC Year Auto's
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Hello everyone, like the title says im looking to trade for the following RC Year Auto's of the afforementioned players.

Henrik Zetterberg
-02/03 UD Premier Collection Signatures GOLD Auto /50
-02/03 UD Rookie Update Top Draws Auto /24
-02/03 UD Honor Roll Signature Class Auto

Ilya Kovalchuk
- 01/02 Stadium Cllub Lone Stars Auto
- 01/02 Bowman Young Stars Expo Auto /300
- 01/02 Bowman Young Stars Auto /50
- 01/02 Bowman Young Stars Auto Puck Redemption
- 01/02 Topps Reserve Autograph Puck Silver
- 01/02 Topps Reserve Autograph Puck GOLD /50
- 01/02 SPA SOTT Triple With Kovalev/Bure /25
- 01/02 BAP Jersey Auto /10
- 01/02 UD Premier Collection Signatures Auto BLACK /5

Rick Nash
- 02/03 BAP Signature Base Auto
- 02/03 BAP Signature GOLD Auto

Roberto Luongo
- 97/98 Donruss Elite Auto /100 (with Brodeur on opposite side)

Anze Kopitar
- 06/07 UD Ultimate Signatures
- 06/07 UD SPX Jersey Auto /1299 (Must be 2 clr)
- 06/07 UD SPA Future Watch Auto /999
- 06/07 UD SPA SOTT Dual With Frolov

MY TRADERS Check my photobucket link below to see individual scans of every card pictured.

[Image: JagrEBAY.jpg]
[Image: P1030997.jpg]
[Image: P1030993.jpg]
[Image: P1040014.jpg]
[Image: P1040016.jpg]
[Image: P1040015.jpg]
[Image: 05-06RookieInspirationsFilppulaRuutu.jpg]
[Image: SlavaKozlovBAPauto.jpg]
[Image: UDUltimateSignaturesNickLidstrom.jpg]
[Image: P1040017.jpg]

Warped color on back of Kovalchuk YS auto CORNERS ARE SHARP. Never want to misguide anyone. Can't put [IMG] code in since i already have 10 images, but just click the link to see.
bump, a few more cards were added