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Full Version: Preferred Box Break
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Here is my box of Panini Preferred. Im Sort of satisfied.

[Image: SCAN0046.jpg]

Brandon Jennings 18/49

Ed Davis 90/99

Dan Majerle 35/74

All Star Booklet 5/199
The Jennings is sweet cause it was from a Red Milwaukee jersey. Can't be too many of those floating around.

Saw you are struggling with getting used to the site. It's not super user-friendly at first, but once you get everything listed and set up it is actually great for trading and keeping track of your collection.

If you have questions, post them! We're all here to help Smile
If you looking to trade id love to get my hand on that Thunder Dan
Wow you really went all out with all these breaks lol, if you want to trade the jennings lmk
Maybe I should have started with something besides the hoops break since you've pulled two Heels in the Hansbrough in the Gold Standard and then the Ed Davis here!
Very nice Majerle.
Nice Majerle.
nice break
If you are interested in trading the booklet...LMK!
Very Nice Break! Love that Jennings!
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