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Full Version: Gems of the Game 11 box break Series 1&2
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Like i said in a previous thread i was splurging this past week, just had to have some fun busting some boxes, and searching for on sale boxes from Walmart, Ended up with alot of basic cool cards i can add to the Collection. 11 boxs of gems of the game, probably 7 of the first edition and 4 of the series 2 boxes.

Here are the Scans. Its like 2 scans to one box i think, Sorry i dont know which ones are series one and two.

[Image: SCAN0030.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0009.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0037.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0034.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0032.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0027.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0033.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0025.jpg]


[Image: SCAN0028.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0011.jpg]

Sorry there so many pics i just started using the scanner and dident know i could do a row of three cards. I have more pics to add but the limit is ten so i will make another thread and add them.

Thanks For looking. Not buying this stuff again unless im desperate to open somthing.
nice break.
ouch you shoulda bought a box of preferred or SPA! (assuming you paid retail 19.99 per)
(03-24-2012, 04:39 PM)xarzy Wrote: [ -> ]ouch you shoulda bought a box of preferred or SPA! (assuming you paid retail 19.99 per)
Ya agreed on the ouch, deffinetly not anything of value just fun stuff. I actually did get a preferred box as well and 2 gold standard boxes =) Thread coming soon just had to save the best for last!
I so need that aldridge blue foil!!!! lmk if you're willing to trade.
Who makes these garbage boxes??
(03-24-2012, 10:56 PM)Num1Monroefan Wrote: [ -> ]Who makes these garbage boxes??
MJ Holding Company, LLC Bedford Park, Il.
I wanna make it clear i dident buy all these at one store at one time, I was a walmart search for on sale blasters for a couple days, went to like 10 wallmarts searching, so if they dident have anything on sale i just got one of these for the trip out there. The Craze.
Nice break.. Interested in those Dynasty cards if they are for trade..
not to bad