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Full Version: When Love's career is finished, where do you think he'll sit?
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While I was at the gym this morning I saw the highlights of the Timberwolves vs. Thunder. Wow, that would have been an awesome game to go to. Unfortunately, I didn't have any headphones with me so it was just the Picture. But when I saw Durant throw up the three to go ahead by three, I said "Man, he's unstoppable." Then I saw Love, and again, I said the same thing. Anyways, I'd like to talk a little about Mr. Love.

When I saw the stat line I was amazed. 51 pts and 14 boards. Really? That's amazing. The streak he had last year, the year he's having this year, and he's a PF. I immediately thought to myself, where will he rank in all time PF if his career stays pretty consistent to how it is now.

Now, the PF thing is actually up for debate if you ask me. I forget who it was that I heard say it but someone said that in today's game, you're either back court or front court. You've got people Durant's size playing SF. How often does someone that tall play SF as efficiently as he does? Even LeBron is huge and should be a PF if you ask me. So, Love is a "spread big". A guy who can pull out and pull up a three. He can pass. He can definitely rebound. He can steal. He can shoot pretty much anywhere. The only thing I think he needs to work on some is his dribbling, that's it.

But, if he was considered a PF, would you say he has the potential to be the best PF of all time? Or could he just be one of the best bigs of all time (other than Center)?

Now, I know a lot of people say "he's on the Timberwolves, anyone can be good." However, I personally think that when you still can have 20/20 games against other great bigs in the league, that's a testament itself. Now, if he only had 20/20 games when playing teams that are equivalent to the Wolves, I would agree. But he's proven he can play that well against pretty much everyone.

What are your thoughts?
+1, love is a beast, alot of people dont get a chance to watch him play via lack of televised game nation wide
S l o w d o w n

He is good, but its WAY to early to tell. He is on his way to a HOF career "No doubt"... Gwen Stephanie.

Career ending injuries do happen.
BEAST! Deff on his way to HOF if he continues..hes putting up orlando shaq numbers plus he can shoot!lol
(03-24-2012, 02:11 PM)southpaugh2002 Wrote: [ -> ]+1, love is a beast, alot of people dont get a chance to watch him play via lack of televised game nation wide
League pass is a must!
He is easily the best power forward in the NBA right now. He's definitally heading to the hall of fame someday if he stays healthy. I agree his scoring numbers are infalted because he's playing for the wolves, but all the rest of his stats would stay the same if he played for just about any other team in the nba. I Might even say he is the best in the NBA right now.
I thought he was the Real Deal once he put up that monster double-double streak last year...but this year he has taken his game to another level...definitely the best PF right now and one of the top 10 players in the game...

[Image: LoveSPA.jpg]
makes me mad I sold my Love SPX RC/AUTO/25.... sold it for way too little... he was underestimated when I sold it.. OUCH... I'd kick myself in the rear, again, but I'm sitting on the couch..

[Image: SPX0809_KEVINLOVE_02-25.jpg]
i'd say he's the best power forward in the league right now, but best of all time? no way. your best pf of all time should be converting at least half of your shots and should be a huge presence on the defensive end, which he is not. he's a very unique player, that's for sure.
also i wouldn't necessarily agree that he's a good passer either. he can make a basic pass, sure. he can throw some rocket passes if a teammate is streaking, but i haven't see him make an impact in terms of consistently passing to make his teammates better, which i would say is also missing, further reason why u don't put him up there with the absolute best. part of the reason he doesn't really command too many double teams is because he's out in the perimeter half the time shooting the ball like a guard. he's a good catch and shoot guy. honestly though, i'm surprised that he isn't a better passer. i thought coming into the season, he'd really flourish in that department playing for a guy like adelman who even made chuck hayes into a high post play maker.
basically, i would not take love over guys like malone, barkley, garnett and webber.
Nowitzki, Barkley, Malone, Garnett, Rodman, Duncan, McHale, Pettit are all guys who I would take before Love at this point. Love puts up big numbers but his teams are still awful.

For him to get in the upper tier of PF's he needs to make his teammates better.
Easy question: On his couch.

Got to personally watch him drop 51 on my Thunder a couple of nights ago. Coming out of the timeout right after he drilled the 3-pointer with 1 second left to force the first OT, KD walked past him shaking his head. It looked like he said, "Man, you're sick" a couple of times.
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