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Full Version: 99-00 Ionix
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Another box I opened on the way to work. Not a very good break IMO. All for trade. Nothing in org. if you see something you want I will add it.
[Image: 99-00Ionix.jpg]
[Image: 99-00Ionix_0001.jpg]
[Image: 99-00Ionix_0002.jpg]

Thanks for looking.....

Had to throw in the KVH for all you fans........
A lot of color. They look really nice.
had to throw in the KVH? Jacka** :-P

If you pulled any mitch richmonds (even the base I think I need). I'd be interested.
Nice looking cards.
Check me for the Pistons. I think I need at least one of them (the Stack Reciprocal).