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Full Version: New Trade (or sale) thread. Scan Heavy!!
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Thought I'd try to juice up the trading on here a bit with some scans. I've got lots more pretty much all updated in my trading bucket here...

In the mean time here are some things in there! Also, if anybody would rather buy than trade, let me know. I don't have all of these marked for sale but would be happy to do so. Incidentally, if anybody ends up spending $30 or more I would throw in a Manny Harris SP Authentic letter auto for free because he's in his M*ch*g%n jersey and it PAINS me to have that card in my collection!

Cedric Maxwell 09-10 Court Kings boxtopper auto 37/75
[Image: 09-10courtkingsboxtopperauto001.jpg]

mem/auto combos
[Image: memautos001.jpg]

[Image: MJsforsale001.jpg]

GU pieces: The Vince/Iverson is /99, CP3 /249 and Bosh and 'Zo /299
[Image: nicemem001.jpg]

more Gu: the Smith and Parker are /99, Garnett UD Reserve /100 and the Curry is /399 and does have a small tear right by where the GU piece is, pulled it that way unfortunately!
[Image: garnettandprodlinemem001.jpg]

RCs: The Wright is his jersey #ed x-fractor (32/50) and the Noah is the refractor /999
[Image: RCs001.jpg]

RC autos
[Image: RCautos001.jpg]

inserts: The Vince is the ruby /50 and the LeBron is the 1:144 packs die-cut. Unfortunately it has some edging on the back (scan available if desired) cause it was packaged next to the rough cardboard insert. Idiots.
[Image: inserts001.jpg]

autos: The Westphal and Humphries are /49, Hill and Hibbert /299
[Image: autos001.jpg]

and my favorite scan...old school refractors! The T-Mac is a RC and the Reggie Miller Mirror Image has Olajuwon/Battie on the back.
[Image: oldschoolrefractors001.jpg]

Lots more in the bucket including some Blake Griffins, more GU pieces including Durant and Karl Malone and some nice old schol Shaqs as well (Attn: kc king!) Thanks for looking!
Check me for the JCrawford bud..thanks
(03-23-2012, 12:03 PM)robd5811 Wrote: [ -> ]Check me for the JCrawford bud..thanks
Took a quick look and didn't see any PC needs but I may scan again for some bait.

bump w/ some additional scans!

Here are some Blakes: All are RCs or rookie-year inserts
[Image: Blakes001.jpg]

GU pieces: The Tyreke is his RC year /100 and the Marion is the patch version!
[Image: mem1001.jpg]

10-11 Season Update GU: The Webster is the patch /49 and the Person is /299
[Image: sidewaysmem1001.jpg]

As always, thanks for looking!
check me for the crawford, hibbert, rubio, and george hill please thanks
(03-25-2012, 12:16 AM)chargers360 Wrote: [ -> ]check me for the crawford, hibbert, rubio, and george hill please thanks
Didn't see anything I could use. If you would be interested in buying shoot me a PM. Thanks for the interest!

Got a couple offers, keep sending them my way everybody!
is that jordan starquest the silver or the black, if its the black I want it badly
ha it did come out kinda dark didn't it? It's the common variety unfortunately. I could get close to a King's ransom for the black version. Sorry to disappoint!
Like the Westpal and have an Richmond GU if you Interested..
Im interested in the Karl Malone that you have in the scan.
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