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Full Version: Looking for 1999 SP Signature Auto's?!?!
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We know it's a no-no to work on 2 sets at once, kinda hard on the wallet. But we are now working on putting together the 1999 SP Signature Set.

Here are some of the names we are looking for at the moment, we are mainly trying to concentrate on the bigger names-

Barry Bonds
Chipper Jones
Frank Thomas
Jose Canseco
Ken Griffey Jr
Mike Piazza
Nomar Garciaparra
Nolan Ryan
Ivan Rodriguez
Pedro Martinez
Paul O'Neill
Ron Gant
Ken Griffey Sr
Scott Rolen
Tony Gwynn
Trevor Hoffman
Vladimir Guerrero
Willie McCovey
Stan Musial

Pay cash money for any and all of these, any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks for the look!

I have some in the PC but I'd wanna swap then for the same names on card if I can.

Nich, most of min are shown here except for the Royals.