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Full Version: My 2011-12 RC's :D
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Heres what ive got so far lol decided to use Elite as the brand.Is it really that hard Panini?

Base RC
[Image: Bismack.gif]

[Image: kyrie-base.gif]

Base Auto
[Image: kyrie-Base-auto.gif]

Gotta have an Insert
[Image: Kyrie-Elite.gif]
Big Grin You did it! Panini is now scratching the heads of their designers and photographers (and anyone who is concerned)! Panini will soon hire you! Go JDetter23!
Id buy em.
Ha thanks guys.I wish I could have found a better kyrie auto to use but with no cards kind of hard to get one.Only problem I ran into was what would a veteran card look like since they would prob use stickers over an on card auto for them.Although preferred is on card so who knows.
someone beat you to the punch

[Image: Kyrie-Irving.jpeg]

good effort though
^^ that looks so nice
That's kinda dope. Us collectors should all go into business and get rights to make cards. We'd corner the market, lol.
wonder what the real reason Panini didn't make any RC's this year... I know they could of done it through Redemptions... throw them in, & make the cards later... even if the player doesn't sign a contract with Panini... they could of "replaced" that player with a non-auto or some other auto card they have laying around their warehouse...

UD would put out redemptions the previous year for next years rookies... why couldn't Panini do that.. drop a bunch of redemptions... by draft pick, not name... & then fulfill them later.. they wouldn't even have to mention that they would be auto... let the signature part be a surprise to collectors....

I would not consider next years cards "true rookies" for this years rookies.... point blank!

Will panini ever give an explanation why they didn't put rookies into 2011-12 products... I would of relabeled Panini 2012, not even print 2011 on their sticker autos... since no cards were released in 2011 for this season (2011-12)... Panini, please give us an excuse why you decided not to produce RC cards this year?? We want answers!!

anyways, the RC's cards that Beckett members have decided are pretty cool. hope nobody hits you up for copyrights.. you never know what Panini will do to take more of collector's money...
(03-22-2012, 10:04 PM)jpleazme805 Wrote: [ -> ]I would not consider next years cards "true rookies" for this years rookies.... point blank!
Why not? If it is their first base card in an widely distributed NBA licensed product, by definition it is their rookie card no matter how long they have been in the league, point blank. Remember before the 1990-91 basketball products, rookie cards routinely were produced the year after their rookie season sometimes it took a few years for a player to get a RC (i.e. Dennis Rodman's 88-89 Fleer RC).

I am by no means defending Panini, this is a big screw-up on their part. They will soon realize that when they see no one is buying their crap. My LCS has even dropped the price of the new Hoops boxes by $12!

This just shows you where Panini's priorities are. They are more concerned with airbrushing Peyton Manning into a Bronco's uniform and Tim Tebow in a Jet's uniform than making a finished product for their basketball products.

One more thing Panini, stop with the baseball cards. Im sick of seeing Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton on a card where it looks like they just walked off an Icy Hot commercial. You can not replace logos with autos.

Oh yeah, redemptions? Bad idea, especially 4 or 5 years from now, they'd be expired, good night.