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Full Version: Shoutout to RobD5811
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RobD had a Contest when the Knicks played the Bulls.. I didnt Win but was a VERY close 2nd i wasnt expecting anything but he said to send my Info that he would send me something since i was a Close 2nd. I was just expecting Base cards nothing special well i was pleasently surprised with what he sent me... so THANX RobD

Allen/Davis Dual GU
Parrish Gold Records /299
[Image: Cards1003-2.jpg]

Didnt have either card.
Nice Rob! Smile
No problem brah! Glad your happy with them
That's what this site's all about! Love it. I did a trade a few weeks ago, wish I could remember with who wasn't a super regular poster. Whoever it was sent me $40 in extras...a $25 MJ and a $15 MJ. I thought he screwed up so I sent a message but he said he had doubles and meant to throw them in as extras. Craziness!

It is a smaller community, but the great traders and posters on here are what makes us stay Smile