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Full Version: Jordan Card Help
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Was Organizing some card to put up a trade Thread when i went to organize this card the Only card that i could find close to it had a HIGH Book Value.. Did i just find some buried Treasure here or am i missing something?

Jordan Game Dated #18

Scan of the Front
[Image: Cards1001-3.jpg]

Heres the Back
[Image: Cards1002-3.jpg]
That looks like the base card. The true parallel with that HIGH BV would have a very shiny metallic finish.
+1 Just the base card, sorry.
Darn LOL

why cant i find it in becketts database?
Is it just considered the 97-98 upper Deck Base card(leaving out game dated)?
ya its just the base...there were lots of cards in that set that had a game dated note...hey i remember back then when i was a kid and thought I pulled a ton of these Smile
heres an example of the 2

base card
[Image: 97-98upperdeck.jpg]

game dated memorable moments
[Image: 97-98upperdeckmemorablemoments.jpg]
These parallels have always confused people. It probably would make things easier if rather than calling them "Game Dated Memorable Moments" they called them "Foil Parallels" or something more descriptive. Then again, I am not sure if that would really help with the confusion either. I actually have a BGS graded card from the base set that says it is the Game Dated Memorable Moments card on the BGS holder, so even the "experts" have gotten mistaken by this set.