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Full Version: 11-12 Crown Royale All the Kings Men Patch question
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Lil bit of confusion here. Whats up with the seriel numbers on these patch cards? My Seguin is #/10 and my Marleau is #/25... Why do they have 2 different print runs on them?

Hmm now that I look at it, whats up with the All the Kings men jersey autos too? My Price is #/100, Lundqvist #/100, but my Glencross is #75.

Dont seem to have any problems with my Primes yet. both are #/50

So whats up with the print runs on this stuff??
I think its based on primes or not or if they have autos on them.

Its super confusing; I thought about going after the George Parros rainbow but then the /10 went for $41 and then another went for $5.50 meaning I'm never going to be able to tell if Im getting a bargain haha
some of their pinnacle jerseys also have different print runs on them
I have noticed this with some other card sets, too. Most notably the various honorary swatches that are to the jersey number. Hate going for the goalies whose jersey number is 1.
Panini sometimes has different numbers for some cards

look at 2 completed sets I have from last year Crown Royal inserts, 1 Miller is out of 19 and the other Nash is out of 3

the Lancers and I forgot the other set tittle off my head are the two sets