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Full Version: BIG mail Month
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Heres my monthly pickups so far... Got some Sharks cards, and knocked a nice chunk outa the Irbe PC, and picked up a super rare card... Heres the damage:

[Image: sharksmail.jpg]

[Image: irbemail1.jpg]
[Image: irbemail2.jpg]
[Image: irbemail3.jpg]
[Image: irbemail4.jpg]

And my favorite pickup for the month. The rare Irbe Salzburg Redbulls team issued card. There is a postcard version of this card to which was high produced. This is the card size version of it that only 100 of them were made.

[Image: irbebullsfrnt.jpg]
[Image: irbebullsback.jpg]

Cant wait for my next 3 cards to come within the next 3 weeks. Pickup up 3 more super rare Irbes...
Nice additions
good god man your always having some huge pick ups congrats, where do you get most of your cards?
Latvia from a guy that knows Irbes family & plays hockey with his brother
some nice pick ups and the patches aren't bad either
I really like the Irbe collection. I watched him at the Cow Palace the first couple years the Sharks were around. That poor guy had virtually no help, but never complained. I once had a t-shirt of Irbe as "The Wall." Grand old times. Grand collection.
Very nice pick ups!
Nice pick ups!!! How many Irbe cards does that take you too now?
great pick ups!

some nice odd ball items too!