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Full Version: Upper Deck Series 2
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I opened a box of Series 2 recently. Needed half the Young Guns for my set but did get a couple extras I already have like Louis Leblanc. The extras will be for trade when pricing comes out.

My hits in the box were an Oilers Rookie Materials... Lander (blah) a Luke Adam Exclusives, another lame jersey and two other cards...

A Paul Coffey Retired Stars Canvas and a Devante Smith-Pelly BLACK Victory Rookie Parallel.

All the stuff of top will be for trade/sale but the last two I'm wondering if I should send to eBay or try and trade them. Any suggestions on those 2 cards would be helpful. I would like to recoup some of the money on the box to maybe buy another but I also wonder what they could fetch me in trade?

You should trade that Paul Coffey canvas card to me.
What's it worth to ya? Smile huh? send me a pm maybe we can work something out?

Trade them for cards you really want.
trade bait and if no one takes the bait ebay them
trade bait towards your sets or pc needs