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Full Version: New Trade Thread Lots of Scans 3/19/12
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I have some new cards for trade and some old ones too. I am still trying to finish up a couple of 2010 and 2011 mini ginter sets. I have those wants listed in my organize. Other than those I will be looking for anything else that catches my eye. PLEASE send an open ended offer. It will take me a while to dig through the check me. I also have scans of all of my other autos and game used in my photobucket. Thanks for looking!

[Image: hpqscan0017.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0001-1.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0011.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0012.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0005.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0004.jpg]
I like the Williams gu card if you like check me
elberson: I didn't see anything I could use for it. Thanks though
Rob check me for the Bonderman Patch.
I like that Swisher and Upton Triple Threads. Let me know.
Interested in the Williams/Boudreau.
jdfknight: I didn't see anything I could use thanks though
mrswanktank: offer sent
roger rabbit: I didn't see anything I could use for it right now. Thanks though
open offer sent
Is tha BJ Upton on card? I could use the golden moments for my set. PM what you need so I can list one thing.
(03-19-2012, 09:25 PM)sastahl Wrote: [ -> ]open offer sent
counter sent
pm sent Derek
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