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Full Version: OT: Kraft Hockeyville
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Hey all,
So it seems my very own community of West Kelowna has made the Final Five in Kraft Hockeyville. Now we're in the second round of voting and, well, we can use all the help we can get.

If you would like to vote for my town, West Kelowna, to be the next Kraft Hockeyville, I would not only hugely appreciate it, I'll even tell you how!

1: Go to this site-->
2: Click "Vote Now" button on the right
3: Click on button that says "Royal Lepage Place West Kelowna, BC" under the "Pacific" heading.
4: Follow the prompts to vote
5: Click "Vote Again" and repeat!

Of course, in the spirit of good fun, you can vote for whichever town you like, but if you have no preference, West Kelowna can use all the votes it can get!

Hmmm the small town about 20 minutes from my city is also in the final five. I wont say which town. I dont wanna hijack your thread. Just thought i would bring it up. Good luck.
Nah, go ahead. As much as our rink needs the money for upgrades, I'm sure every town does as well. It's all in fun.
Well maybe if they have enough time after they vote for your community they could throw another vote in for Beardy's memorial arena, Duck Lake SK. Any and all votes would be appreciated. Thanks wickabee, saved me from starting another thread.
My vote has been cast! Good Luck!!
Don't forget, multiple votes are not only allowed, they're encouraged!
Whether you're voting for West Kelowna, Duck Lake (honestly, my second choice) or any other!
I'm a little bit away from Stirling, Ontario and drove through the other day! Amazing little community with huge hockey spirit! They got my vote
good luck!
have to vote for the sask one as i'm from there
What city you in afff? Im in P.A.
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