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Full Version: MMmmMmm, Certified Mail...
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Had to sign for 2 things today!

1/1 Black Scratching the Surface...
[Image: datsyuk11-12crsts1-1front.jpg]

[Image: datsyuk11-12crsts1-1.jpg]

Couldn't figure out what the giant tube was, then I remembered my Cup redemption from a while back...

[Image: ba94d7e1.jpg]
[Image: 6ca45ab9.jpg]

Uncut sheet 10-11 Program of Excellence! One picture didn't quite fit the whole thing, so I took 2. Pretty cool!

Also got this /25, shadowed by the previous Smile

[Image: datsyuk11-12crcoatofarmspatch.jpg]

Thanks for checking it out!
Wow amazing cards. And that uncut sheet is gorgeous!
Sick cup sheet !!!
Awesome additions to your Datsyuk PC. love that 1/1 and the patch is pretty sick! The sheet is sweet too.
cool pick ups

are you going to frame up the sheet?
very nice dats, i'm not to big on the uncut sheets myself
That sheet is very cool. Congrats.
killer stuff
WOW! *drools uncontrollably*