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Full Version: I need help
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I have these cards I got when we were in Daytona several years ago,
they are on average 8 x 10 several different drivers. I dont know where to look to there value. Any help would be appreciated. They seem to be made for or by the teams there is no real info on them.
What you referring tO are commonly called hero cards. There is no real price guide for these. Pricing is really what someone is willing to pay. If you have the one they are missing it might draw a little
More but on average they are not worth a lot. Best place to check is eBay. Deceased drivers might bring decent but no great amounts. Reason being if they signed yours they probsbly signed thousands. With the deceased you might have to get the autograph certified which is going to cost you more than you would make

After you decide what you want for them it's best to post pics and see if you have takers.
Thank you very much at least now I know what they are called.