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Full Version: Calling out Wickabee...........
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I figured with all of the bad trader news out there a good trader should be brought to light. Fast shipping, smooth negotiating overall awesome trader. Drives a hard bargin sometimes Wink but it's all in the fun of trading.

He threw in this card that I needed

1995-96 Stadium Club Nemeses #N4 P.Bure/M.Richter
[Image: wickabeetrade0001.jpg]
I love the write up on this card:

"Few people knew that when Mike was frustrating Pavel in the breakaway competition and in the 1994 All-Star Game at Madison Square Garden that the goalie was setting the stage for the 1994 playoffs, when he would stop Pavel on a penalty shot attempt in Game Four of the Stanley Cup Finals." <-------See my avatar.... Big Grin

Sorry Tyson! Wink

Now the meat of the first graded Richter:

1990-91 Upper Deck #32 French RC Mint 9 (centering 9.5, corners 9, edges 8.5, surface 9.5)
[Image: wickabeetrade0002.jpg]

These 2 Richter's put my PC at 400 even! So stoked.

Thanks Tyson! Looking forward to many more trades.

P.S. - Can you add graded cards to your organize?
That's a BIG Richter PC wow... you should show it all off sometime!
I may do that Carl. That's an awful lot of scanning......
great pick ups congrats
I love a happy ending, great cards.
nice trades
Nice pickups and good story line. Keep working on that collection and get it bigger.
Man, I was all ready to come in here swingin', haha

Glad you like it, man and even happier you actually needed it! Now I don't have to look at that card and be reminded of grumble grumble 94 grumble grumble...
Very nice! I actually need to get that card too, well done check my org Roussy i have a couple of richters in there
(03-19-2012, 03:38 AM)jowlsisacanucksfan Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice! I actually need to get that card too, well done check my org Roussy i have a couple of richters in there

jowlsisacanucksfan - Offer sent!

Tyson - sorry man! I wasn't trying to get you all heated HAHAHAHA I figured for those who haven't traded with you, they should know that you are one of the best traders on here.
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