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Full Version: Last of this weeks mail
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Well I finished the week out strong with some nice additions to my Howard and Wings PCs. I now have 50 different Howard cards and still have a lot incoming. The PC is growing fast and I appreciate those who have traded with me to add to it. As far as the other Wings players I am adding to these too. Not sure how many GU or Autos I am up to but growing as well.

03-04 Zetterberg SP Game Used
[Image: Wings004-5.jpg]

08-09 Artifacts Kronwall Auto
[Image: Wings003-5.jpg]

06-07 Be A Player Portraits First Exposures
[Image: Wings002-4.jpg]

11-12 Upper Deck Game Jerseys
[Image: Wings005-4.jpg]

11-12 Limited Monikers Gold #11/25
[Image: Wings004-3.jpg]

07-08 ITG Heroes and Prospects Numbers Print run of 20
[Image: Wings001-3.jpg]

10-11 Certified Mirror Emerald Signatures #3/5
[Image: Wings003-4.jpg]

11-12 Limited Materials Prime #1/5
[Image: Wings002-3.jpg]

Thanks for the looks!!
Great looking cards and your Jimmy Howard collection is looking great.
very nice pick ups

my fav is the BTP Howard
Your collection looks great. You have a number of nice patches.
some nice howards pick ups, like the game used number
(03-18-2012, 07:11 PM)dam1057 Wrote: [ -> ]Your collection looks great. You have a number of nice patches.
Thanks man! Means a lot coming from the best Goalie collection I have seen here so far.

Thanks for everyone’s comments. I appreciate it! If anyone has or sees anything for my Howard PC please let me know!!


nice low serial #"d