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Full Version: Solid Gold (and silver, red and black) Goalies week
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Gold as in gold mine. I have a few Ronnie Hextall cards, my latest urge to collect, Gilles Meloche, Bernie Parent, Vladimir Dzurilla and Sergei Bobrovsky. I am only five cards away from an even 1100 different Ron Hextall cards. I should hit the mark next week sometime. Without further delay---

2010-11 In The Game Between The Pipes Emblems – Black 1 of 6
[Image: 2010-11InTheGameBetweenThePipesEmblemsBlack1of6.jpg]

2010-11 In The Game Between The Pipes Jersey – Silver 1 of 30
[Image: 2010-11InTheGameBetweenThePipesJerseySilver1of30.jpg]

2010 Sportkings Series “D” Single Memorabilia Bernie Parent – Silver # of 26
[Image: 2010SportkingsSeriesDSingleMemorabiliaSilverof26.jpg]

2010-11 In The Game Between The Pipes Golden Goalies – Black 1 of 80 (I don't know too much about this gent, but it sounds like he was a stud in his days. I really like the mask for some reason and his last name.
[Image: 2010-11InTheGameBetweenThePipesGoldenGoa...k1of80.jpg]

2006-07 Parkhurst Gilles Meloche #75 (The Seals still live on!)
[Image: 2006-07ParkhurstGillesMeloche75.jpg]

2011-12 Panini Certified – Mirror Red 20/199 (Not a bad pick up for .99)
[Image: 2011-12PaniniCertifiedMirrorRed20-199.jpg]

2011-12 Panini Score Sergei Bobrovsky #349 (Where is he skating to so fast? Where are his teammates? Why does he have that look on his face? Why is the crowd looking the other way? This card has so many unanswered questions)
[Image: 2011-12PaniniScoreSergeiBobrovsky349.jpg]

I hope you enjoy the cards, bad puns and odd comment or two.
Great snagz dude!
Love seeing the Black and Orange cards.
Man you pick up some fantastic cards. I can only hope to get my Howard PC half of what your Hextall one is. Awesome show as usual!
Great pick ups!
Very nice - Thanks for the picks.
very nice pick ups
some nice pick ups