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Full Version: 1986 Fleer Premier #57 Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan Rookie
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When i was very young,This very old man gave me his box of cards and a few binders of cards. Thats why i really started collecting. I never even cared about cards when i was young, I just cared for the sport. But when i got older, Collecting cards was a hobby for me.

I plan on getting the card authenicated to raise its value
Man, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but from looking at the backside of your Jordan card it looks to be a fake/counterfeit due to the very narrow white borders.

Here is yours:

[Image: photo1-1.jpg]

Here is the backside of a BGS Graded Jordan RC:

[Image: jordanfleerbgs1095bb.jpg=600]
Now you know why it was free! of the classic REPRINT cards...
Shattered dreams
Well ain't that a biotch.. Thanks for ruining my day. Lmao .. Well the bright side is atleast I didn't buy it. Smile
Heck, even the reprints sell for something...
(03-16-2012, 07:24 PM)mickey7mantle7 Wrote: [ -> ]Heck, even the reprints sell for something...
Man,When i posted this card. I was very happy to show you guys it. I thought it was the legit card, But now its just a fake. and what do you mean as in reprint? and how much are reprints? just wondering.

search ebay for Michael Jordan RC reprint or Michael jordan RP

"RP" = reprint... some sellers are pretty cleaver trying to sell reprints at the original...

it is still a nice card to have for your PC, but serious collectors would pass it up if you're debating on trading/selling it.
(03-16-2012, 09:02 PM)Lucajsfinest Wrote: [ -> ]What do you mean as in reprint?
Exactly was it sounds like. They reprinted the card at a later date and rereleased it. In this case it was 1996 for the 10th anniversary of the original set.
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