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Full Version: Marshall 1/1 Win Good Deal?
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All I need now is the Red Version /5
Any 1/1 for a PC is AWESOME!!!!
I think you did great. I pay over $100 for non mem or auto 1/1 of JT lol. Btw if you ever get access to your Marinos I will trade any B marshs you need for them. Just drop a line when you do.
Nope horrible deal...possibly the worst ive ever seen...I mean its something called a superfractor? Wth is that? lol
Oh niceSmile Thats a neat looking card and it looks like you got it for a real good price
Nice card congrats
Thanks guys! just need to keep my eyes open for the red version /5 then Ill have the rainbow!
Such a pretty card!
nice card for your PC hope you get the red to finish it off
Aw yea! Go Bears
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