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Full Version: Lates Victory ! :)
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Swee pickup, hopefully he'll get more playing time this year since we have no other WR's lol
right ! hope so too.... think we are gonna wind up with robinson and ***fingers crossed*** somehow blackmon
Laurent Robinson went to the Jaguars today Sad Nice Pick up! Being Marshall is no longer a fin you should probably move those Wink
Sad how the seller thinks it was worth $600...lmao
nice plate. Cant figure how the one of the other colors only went for 15.
i put a 50.00 bid on it and never looked back completely forgot about because I never put it in my watch list.... my wife said I should check my purchases because she thought I won something...oooops Smile
look who the seller is.... hmmm think theres threads about him shilling but ... hey I wanted it Smile
if you notice i won it for 48 ... kinda funny how the last 3 bids were from the same person... nd they were only willing to go 48? I would have tried at least 50 if I was a legitimate bidder..... 48 or 50 whats the difference unless your driving up prices.