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Full Version: Superfractor Alternative
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So with the all that went on with on the Bay with the seller refusing to let me bid on the 11' Chrome Brees Superfractor I went with a alternative for the rainbow. I know its a plate but figured might as well as Im not going to be able to get my hands on it. What do you guys think on the price?
Not bad...I say you still try and work a deal with someone to get the me the super makes the rainbow. Im sure someone on here would buy it for you then you pay them when they get it. I would I just dont have that much in paypal.
There is a 2011 breeze finest super for like 200 right now
yeah I saw that! go for the finest rainbow!
Ya its up on the bay the guy originally wanted $850 for it. He had it listed as a buy now for way over a grand. I put it up on here and he started getting slack on the price so black listed me on the bids lol.
Did you see? He listed it in auction. At $152 with 2 days left. I will get it for you if you want. What do you want to pay?
Wish you luck on hunting it or them down.
whats a good price for that finest superfractor?
Just created a new name and bid a few times, its gonna go pretty high. I checked the high bidders info and guy buys dentistry tools and what not so you know he's gonna throw down some big cash. Thanks cullmanssportscards!